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Biennial Goals for District 17 2014-2016


The theme for this biennium is “Embracing the ideals of Zonta ” and we pledge to serve Zonta through the following mission statement: “PURPOSE – PLEDGE – PROACTIVE”:

  • Our purpose is to uphold our Zonta mission
  • We pledge to advance the Status of Women WorldWide
  • We will be proactive in achieving our objective

Our PURPOSE is to uphold our Zonta mission. Zonta International’s Biennal Goals (2014-16) present the focus areas for the biennium. These are delaying early marriages, prevention of violence through education and improving women’s health through service and advocacy. All advocacy actions are in line with Zonta goals and have measurable impact. The Zonta International Board report advocacy actions according to Zonta’s strategic plans at Zonta Conventions.

The campaign “Zonta says No to Violence Against Women” is further promoted and developed to achieve local, governmental and community commitment. To this end the Zonta International Board is closely working with the UN and the Council of Europe to promote our consultative and participatory status through training conducted in all districts and regions.

We PLEDGE to serve Zonta. Why? What makes us so different from other organizations? We believe that Zonta is the only International service organization that specifically human rights. Through our services and advocacy, we can promote public attention for all women’s human rights and gender quality and empower them to take command of, and decide upon their own fate.

We want to help these women who are less privileged, less fortunate and less empowered. We are committed to this cause because we believe that Zonta International is the only organization that can achieve this. Within the framework of our operational capacity and resources, Zonta International has the influence at both local and governmental levels to be an agent of change.

To be PROACTIVE and in accordance with District Biennial Goals (2014-2016), local projects are in alignment with the approved Zonta International goals. Districts and Clubs should develop their own strategic goals which are adapted to local conditions and will be proactive in achieving these objectives.

For Advocacy, we focus to end violence against women which remains as the main priority. All relevant training at the club level is conducted to meet these needs. The governor’s report that more clubs participate in effective advocacy actions that have measurable impact than the previous biennium. The campaign “Zonta says No to Violence Against Women” is further promoted and developed to achieve local, governmental and community commitment.

For MEMBERSHIP, we must renew our focus on increasing our members. We will target our membership to increase 7.8% which accounts for an increase of 160 members. To tackle the issue of declining membership, those clubs that have less than 20 members must increase their membership to the minimum requirement. We have increased our Zonta members from 24 to 69. We should encourage all Area Directors to charter 3 new clubs during our Biennium. We need to decrease the number of disbandment’s by less than 5% according to ZI Biennial Goals. We will achieve this by actively encouraging new membership through credibility and visibility at both and international levels.

Lastly, for SERVICE, we will re-emphasize awareness of the problems of delaying early marriage or any similar projects like teenage pregnancy. Educational programs on preventing violence against women and children should be introduced within districts, clubs and local communities. Services should also include improving the health of women and children. This will be achieved through the cooperation of local health authorities, hospitals and volunteer organizations which can assist in providing health related services, and education, for women on how to prevent illness, protect their children and improve their health.

In summary, to underline the ZI and District Biennial Goals, we will have Purpose, we will Pledge to serve Zonta and we will be Proactive in achieving our objectives. We as women need to unify our efforts to empower women around the world to make change. Women are endowed with massive potential through their inherent qualities of leadership, passion and commitment. Giving a voice to women so they can express themselves will improve the world both socially and economically. Despite the undoubted developments in women’s status around the world, we Zontians must further make changes so we can take fuller role in modern world as change agents.


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